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The official site of Australian Made

The mark of Aussie authenticity

Featured Products

Support Aussie Made this World Bee Day


Support Aussie Made this World Bee Day

The Australian Made Campaign is reminding consumers to support local beekeepers and manufacturers by buying authentically Australian bee products this World Bee Day.

Seasonal Promo

Winter Wonders

Seasonal Promo

Winter Wonders

Looking for a gift for someone special? All out of ideas? We've gathered a range of great Aussie products to make it easier than ever to find a unique Australian Made gift!


The best of Australia

Savoury spinach and feta muffins

These taste as good as they sound! Normally muffins are associated with something sweet, but this savoury spin on an old favourite makes for a perfect breakfast or midday snack on the go. Best of all it’s quick and easy to make this tasty recipe with Australian Made and Grown ingredients.

Case Study

See the difference with Shamir Australia

Shamir Australia, an entity of Shamir Optical Industry Ltd, has established itself as a company known worldwide for innovation, cutting-edge optical lens technology and stringent quality assurance practices.

Using the Australian Made logo

The benefits

The Australian Made logo makes the 'Australian connection' instantly, clearly and with authority.

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For exporters

Let one of our partners help you export your products, or simply access our network of retailers and distributors.

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How much does it cost?

Fees go back into promoting the logo, nationwide and around the world. Calculate your fee here.

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Register your products

The certification process is quick and easy. Register now and get the Australian advantage.

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A platform to help boost web presence

"Our customers love that our Height Charts are certified with the Australian Made Campaign, and our free business listing on has helped strengthen our online presence dramatically too. ?

Alicia O'Neill, Owner, Grandad Pats

Vogue Pintel

Mr Stoves

WAW BadFish Handplane

WAW Handplanes

Dan Dining

Pfitzner Furniture

Lip Balm

Soapy Butter Co

Australian Medi Goats...

Australian Food Services


Barbwire Noose

Mortels Hand and Body...

Mortels Sheepskin Factory

Our partners

Proudly supporting Australian Made Campaign and the strength of the logo

The Australian Made Campaign

The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is administered by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL).

ABN: 20 086 641 527

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